Oil & Lubricants

Oil & Lubricants

We trade in High performance lubricants for every type of car and motorcycle, a series of synthetic lubricants which meet the very latest technical specifications and which have been formally approved by leading car manufacturers. These products are complemented by an extensive range of Car Care products.

Gasoline Engine Oils

Gasoline Engine Oil is specifically designed and formulated to offer complete engine protection against starting friction, heat stress and engine deposits. It is a series of high quality, the range cover both monogrades and multigrades engine oil for use in a wide range of passenger car and light-duty commercial vehicle engines where high performance lubricants are required. The oil helps to increase engine performance by reducing engine wear, maintains high performance, minimizes oil consumption and save maintenance costs.

Diesel Engine Oils

Diesel Engine Oils keep a reliable engine running through a combination of high quality base stocks of high viscosity index with premium additive system. They are specially designed for heavy-duty diesel engines and provide high-end performances in terms of soot control, engine cleanliness and wear protection.

Motorcycle Oils

2T motorcycle Engine Oil is a 2-stroke specially formulated for pre-mix and injector systems allowing a clean burn that reduces deposits and engine wear providing extra power and improved reliability. minimises exhaust smoke and prevents the formation of carbon deposits to ensure extended lasting, best performing engines.

Hydraulic System Oils

Hydraulic oils are mineral based and produced in a range of viscosity grades which complements the requirement of hydraulic equipment manufacturers for rust and oxidation –inhibited and anti-wear mineral-oil hydraulic fluids. They are compatible with the seal materials generally used in hydraulic system.

Automotive Gear Oils

Manual Gear Oil: Adopting highly refined mineral base stock with high viscosity index and a variety of excellent quality additives. Manual Transmission Fluid performs best for passenger and commercial vehicles. It matches the OEM specification requirements for manual transmission of many kinds of imported, domestic, commercial and passenger vehicles.

Industrial Gear Oil

AP Oil has a comprehensive range of top quality gear oils including extreme pressure, fully synthetic and common purpose non-EP grades for lubrication of various types of industrial gears and bearing systems.

Brake Oil

Brake Fluid is manufactured for use in all automotive brake systems specially those which are exposed to extreme conditions. This provides ultimate system protection against the effects of corrosion and high temperature vapour lock.

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